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Creating a brand from scratch is always a difficult and responsible task. We had the task of developing a name, a trademark, and a corporate identity for a fish establishment that combines restaurant, gastronomy, and store.

The client, Sea Fish Group, imports fresh and chilled fish from various countries and offers services such as cleaning, grilling and packaging the fish for customers to take home. The main goal was to appeal to seafood lovers and connoisseurs, while reflecting the essence of the brand.

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    Sea Fish group of companies

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    corporate identity
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In the process of developing the name, we considered more than thirty options in Russian, Belarusian and English. After careful consideration, we decided on the name “MORE FISH”. The word “FISH” is widely known and easily perceived. The word “MORE” leads to a play on words and terms: “MORE FISH” or “LOTS OF FISH”, which effectively solved the problem.

Logo creation, font and color

We opted for a stylized fish as the central element and designed a simple but striking logo in the form of a school of fish. The design of the logo effectively reflected the concept of the brand offering a sea of variety. We chose a muted blue-green color as the main color palette for the brand, which corresponds to the theme of seafood and the ocean. For the name of the brand, we chose the Tornado font, which is easy to read and fits in well with the overall brand concept.

Interior color scheme

In addition to the brand design, we suggested an interior color scheme to further emphasize the brand image. Our recommendations included using shades of blue and green to create a calm and inviting atmosphere. We also suggested using natural materials such as wood and stone to convey the freshness of seafood.

In conclusion, building a brand from scratch requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. By carefully considering all aspects, including the name, logo, font, color and interior design, we were able to create a brand that embodies the unique essence of our client’s establishment.

The MORE FISH brand represents a sea of fresh and delicious seafood, and we are proud to have been involved in its creation.

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