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FolioArt is a full service branding and video production studio. We create complex and interesting projects for companies of different scale. Our studio employs professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience in design. We use modern technologies and approaches to provide our clients with high quality services.

We believe that a quality idea in branding, packaging design or video production is key to the success of a project. Our main goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations and solve problems out of the box.
We have learned to listen and understand the client, and our main priority is the success of the client’s brand. We strive to create unique works and come up with new stories to achieve the best results, even in the most routine tasks. Our principles are honesty, professionalism and reliability.

We truly care about our projects and hearing from our clients. Every job for us is a journey that we take exceptionally close to our hearts and work hard to make it the best it can be. Our mission is to tell meaningful stories through design and modern technology.


The studio provides a wide range of services, including the following areas:


We will help you create a unique corporate identity that reflects your message and values, and sets you apart from the competition. We will design your logo, corporate identity, create an original product name and other elements of visual identity.

Packaging design

We will design a package that will reflect the best qualities of the product and will attract the attention of potential customers. We will study all features of your product and market, and take into account all necessary standards and requirements.

Video production

We will create a promotional video for you that will increase your brand awareness and demonstrate the benefits of your product. We will take care of all stages of video production: from script development and shooting to editing and post-production.

Motion design

We will create an animated video for you to make your brand more dynamic and modern. We use 2D or 3D graphics as well as additional animation elements to enhance the visuals and attract the audience.


We create products that work and stand out, and our awards and exhibitions are proof of that.

The 37th People’s Telly Award

BRONZE – Category: Online Video – Production
EKADOO,LLC.,CA,USA / FolioArt, Belarus

The 37th Annual Telly Award

BRONZE – Category: Online Video – Infomercial Production
EKADOO,LLC.,CA,USA / FolioArt, Belarus

The 34th Annual Telly Award

BRONZE – Category: Internet/Online Programs, Segments, or Promotional Pieces
EKADOO,LLC.,CA,USA / FolioArt, Belarus


First place in the category Design & Art Direction / Label & Packaging / – Design of “Byarozavik” juice packaging

view the "BYAROZAVIK" juice project


Grand Prix in the Design & Art Direction / Calendar / Calendar – Ceresit Calendar


The design of the package of chocolate “Truffelny” (“Kommunarka”) was short-listed in the category “Label and packaging”

view the Truffle Chocolate Project


The ZALA corporate identity was short-listed in the “Corporate Identity” category

view the ZALA corporate identity project

Exhibition ``10%. Photomontage in Advertising``

Museum Gallery “World of Photography” (

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