Commercial video for the
fruit drink “Morsel”

Commercials can be an incredibly effective way to promote products, especially when it comes to highlighting their unique qualities. In the case of the fruit drink “Morsel”, the focus was on emphasizing its naturalness, which was achieved through an inventive storyline. The main task of this commercial was to emphasize the natural character of the drink and the benefits it provides.

The fruit drink is made according to a special technology and traditional recipes, which allows preserving its useful properties. The forest dwellers who make the fruit drink are experts in wild berries and use their knowledge to ensure its quality. To convey this message in the most effective way possible, a story has been created that demonstrates the process of making the drink from start to finish. In the story, bugs, ants, bees, and ladybugs picked berries in the forest and helped Grandpa the Woodsman make the fruit drink. Natural moss and real forest dwellers were included in the video commercial to ensure the story was authentic. Although some berries and bushes were modeled in 3D due to the fact that the shooting took place out of season, the result is a beautifully made and natural-looking video commercial.

The “Morsel” video commercial was a hit with the younger audience, resulting in increased sales of the fruit drink. By emphasizing the beverage’s natural properties and creating a fascinating story about its production, the ad effectively communicated the unique qualities of the morsel to the target audience.

The “Morsel” fruit drink video commercial effectively communicated its unique qualities to the target audience through a compelling story and emphasis on naturalness, resulting in increased sales and satisfied customers.

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