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COSWICK. Production

A presentation video about Coswick is a demonstration of state-of-the-art floorboard production. During the shooting of the video, we focused on each key point of production, including the sawmill and material finishing shop, to demonstrate innovative technologies and attention to detail, which are the hallmark of Coswick factory’s activity.

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    motion graphics
    color grading

In the video, we paid attention to demonstration of machines and the close-knit and professional team of Coswick factory. By making a close-up shot of each machine, we were able to show the subtleties of the production process. This level of detail not only gives an idea of the working process, but also emphasizes the factory’s attention to quality.

Headlines and technical information are presented with typographic animation, which is a modern and visually appealing approach. Aerial shots of the plant and workshops provided a general idea of the scale of production.

Color correction of Coswick’s presentation video is done in warm colors and light tones, which corresponds to the image of the plant.

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