Design development of a new product.

A series of tasks were set to launch new products with a natural composition. Design development included naming, logo creation and label design for a range of products.

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The first step was to come up with a name for the range. After considering several options, we decided on ‘E-Free.’ We liked this name because it was short, easy to remember, and clearly communicated the meaning of the products.
The name ‘E-Free’ effectively conveys the main message of the range: the absence of artificial additives. It is simple, easy to understand, and also indicates that the food is healthy and natural.

The logo

The next step was to create a logo. This was crucial to establishing a visual identity for the brand that is immediately recognizable. We chose a minimalist approach to the design. The final version of the ‘E-Free’ logo is a stylized representation of the brand name, creating a strong association with the product.

Label Creation

The creation of labels for ‘E-Free’ products was a significant aspect of the project, as they are the first point of contact with the consumer. The label design had to be consistent with the overall branding of the product line, stand out on the shelf, and convey the naturalness and quality of the products. We used a clean and uncluttered design to enhance brand recognition. The absence of unnecessary details allowed us to focus attention on the product name ‘E-Free,’ which became the centerpiece of each label.

To create a consistent visual image across the range, we used a single layout and color scheme with slight variations to differentiate each product category. High-quality photos of the contents on the label emphasize the naturalness of the produc

Labeling, naming, and logo development for the natural product range allowed us to create a vivid brand image. A step-by-step and creative approach to developing a unique corporate identity for the products enabled us to solve all the tasks and create a bright brand that will undoubtedly attract the attention of consumers and make ‘E-Free’ successful in the market.

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