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Hardwood flooring installation

We have created a series of video tutorials on how to install COSWICK hardwood flooring. These video clips are for those who want to learn how to install hardwood flooring, using modern methods, materials and tools.
Installing a floor is a complex and time-consuming process that requires some knowledge and skills. Therefore, we have added typographic animation, focusing the viewer’s attention on important technical points when installing hardwood flooring.

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    motion graphics
    color grading

These training videos present several ways to install COSWICK three-layer hardwood flooring, which can be useful depending on your needs and preferences. Each video consists of step-by-step instructions for laying of 3-layer parquet by different methods: the glue method of laying of 3-layer parquet “CHEVRON CosLoc”, the laying of 3-layer parquet “THE FLOATING METHOD”, the glue method of laying of 3-layer parquet “HERRINGBONE T&G”.

The main task of creating the training video for the laying of the 3-layered parquet “COSWICK” was to make it useful and understandable to those who want to create a beautiful and durable floor at their home or office.

All the instructional videos on installation of the three-layer parquet “COSWICK” can be seen here.

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