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Berry juice J: MORS is a non-alcoholic beverage made according to its own recipe from natural ingredients. Cold juice quenches thirst, and hot water is used as a warming drink during illness. In the old days, it was most often made of lingonberries, blackberries, bilberries, rosehips, currants, and cherries.

To introduce a new product to the market, MZBN and Group J: MORS created a line of three tastes: cranberry, blueberry, and black currant. Juice from these berries is useful and replenishes the body with enough vitamins.

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In 2006, we had an idea about a joint project of the rock band J: MORS and the Minsk factory of non-alcoholic beverages. At that time, the Belarusian rock band was gaining popularity, and MZBN released a new product – berry juice. J: MORS seemed successful and interesting. But 12 years later, MZBN and Group J: MORS decided to bring the idea to life. Work on the creation of the fruit drink packaging design was carried out for six months. In order to find the perfect morse drink together with the group, 15 flavors were tasted.

Our task was to create the packaging design of the fruit drink label J: MORS. The purpose of the visual image is the association with the musical group and the naturalness of Morse himself. Product label design should stand out from the competition and emphasize the benefits of the drink.

When creating a fruit drink packaging design, we focused on the music association. The concert hall, the spotlight, expression, and drive are the emotional components at the heart of the label design. The matte dark blue background and the diverging rays from the J: MORS logo resemble the scene and also highlight the main “soloist” – a splash berry. For a bright accent, this area is covered with a glossy varnish.

In the design of the J: MORS morse label, the central text is in Belarusian, additional information is duplicated in Russian.

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