Coswick traditionally greets its partners and friends on all continents with a video postcard at Christmas and New Year. We came up with a story consisting of several plots, with events taking place in different locations. The idea to realise the video – the concept of a book with panoramic, “growing” images – turned out to be promising. The motion design of the New Year’s card in pop-up style served as an excellent tool to immerse the viewer in the festive atmosphere, creating a sense of presence on each page of the story.

In the story, Coswick products and gifts are delivered to cities on different continents. The symbol of the year 2024 – accompanies and protects. Travelling through different countries not only expands the scope of the story, but also reflects the company’s global reach and desire to celebrate with as many customers around the world as possible.

Motion design is a dynamic, visual, international language that brings the story of Coswick’s New Year’s Eve video postcard to life through vivid and compelling imagery.


Before we started the 3D animation of the card, we created a detailed storyboard. At this stage we thought through every nuance of the New Year’s story.


A colour scheme has been chosen for each story. It corresponds to the mood and the place where the event takes place. The chosen colours are in harmony with the effect of opening a paper book.


The Chinese emerald dragon is the symbol of 2024. It takes center stage in the New Year card. Its presence is organically woven into the narrative, adding a touch of magic to each page. Motion design and 3D animation bring the emerald dragon to life. It moves gracefully through the story, filling each frame with a magical and enchanting aura.


In creating each scene, the floor pattern was carefully selected from Coswick’s texture gallery. Each pattern matched the visual narrative of the particular scene in the video postcard. Through the variety of textures represented in the texture gallery, the video harmonises design and story. Thoughtful colour and texture choices and attention to detail underline Coswick’s commitment to quality and creativity. All the carefully selected nuances and motion design of the New Year’s card make the video an organic fusion of aesthetics and holiday.

The buildings on the postcard have been stylised to look like paper. Thanks to the use of a specially prepared texture, all the elements look realistic and like they have been cut out of paper, just like in a children’s book.

In the final shot, the Christmas tree is made of Coswick parquet slats. The wooden toys on it are New Year’s souvenirs made by the company for its partners.

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