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In Zenesis videos, we use animated graphics and 3D product visualization to demonstrate the advanced diamond coating of their abrasive discs. By using high-quality diamonds and a unique method of positioning, the discs provide stable and long-lasting performance.

Using motion graphics, we focus on graphic particles that form stylized constellations that mimic the diamond coating on the disc. This graphic approach helps inform viewers about the intricacies of the product.

By creating photorealistic 3D visualizations of Zenesis products in the videos, we created a comprehensive view of the product, demonstrating the design, construction and capabilities of their abrasive discs.

The Zenesis videos are a great example of how motion graphics and 3D product visualization can be used to effectively present the benefits of a product.

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    3D modeling
    3D animation
    motion design
    video postproduction
    3D visualization for promotional products

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