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Creating a strong brand identity is crucial for any business, and it is no different in the food industry. When working on the OMEGGA egg branding project, the studio focused on developing a brand name that would appeal to consumers unfamiliar with omega-3 fatty acids.

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    OJSC “1st Minsk Poultry Farm”

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    packaging design
    advertising photography

Brand name

Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be found in fish and are necessary for good health. However, not everyone may know this, so we created a name that is both catchy and informative. Adding another letter “g” to the English word “omega,” we saw egg (egg) “inside” the spelling of OMEGGA.

Designing the logo and packaging

To create a strong visual brand identity, a logo was designed combining the graphic image of an egg with the words “egg” and “omega”. This combination was meant to reinforce the connection between the product and the health supplement. A bright orange package color and simple typography were chosen to help the product stand out on the shelf.

Creating the print materials

To further promote OMEGA’s brand, we created a range of print products that effectively communicated the brand’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

“Fish is no longer the primary source of fish oil. OMEGGA’s enriched eggs contain 300 to 600 mg of omega-3 essential fatty acids, making them a great alternative for those who don’t like or can’t eat fish,” was the advertising message.

Based on that idea, we created an illustration that was later used in printed products. The image was created by combining collage and matt painting techniques.

In conclusion, the development of the OMEGGA egg brand was a great success, creating a strong visual identity and a powerful message. By focusing on the needs of consumers who may not be familiar with omega-3 fatty acids, we were able to create a brand that stands out in a crowded market.

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