Stop Motion animation of the “Mini Herringbone” parquet floor

Stop Motion animation is a really cool animated filmmaking technique where objects are shot frame by frame with slight changes in position, creating movement in the scene. This method produces unique visual effects that are challenging to achieve otherwise.

In this case study, we describe how we used stop-motion animation to create the ‘mini-herringbone’ ads for the new COSWICK hardwood range. You’ll get to learn about our creative process. We’ll cover everything from conceptualizing to rendering, shooting, compositing in a 3D graphical environment, and sound design.

We’ll also show you how we combined stop-motion animation with a 3D graphical environment to create realistic and eye-catching visual content.

and key Style Frames

To create stop-motion animation videos of new COSWICK ‘Mini Herringbone’ products, we started by conducting a thorough analysis and developing a project concept. Our goal was to create informative and visually appealing content.

The key stage involved creating Style Frames – static images that represent the visual style of the future animation project. These images became the basis for defining the color palette, composition and overall aesthetics of the project, helping to bring our idea to life.


RnD Stop Motion
and 3D Environments

During this phase, we had a lot of fun researching and developing the technical aspects of the project, as well as creating some tools for stop-motion animating the parquet slats. We studied various shooting methods and techniques to determine the most effective approach for creating animation with smoothly moving objects.

Additionally, we calculated scene timings to determine the duration of each scene and the overall length of the clips. We were able to plan and structure the shooting process more efficiently.

We combined the footage with the 3D graphic environment, paying special attention to integrating stop-motion animation with the parquet floor slats into the created 3D interior. Furthermore, we also created a lighting scheme and animated the parquet laying options.

with Stop Motion technique

We prepped everything for the shoot, carefully selecting each parquet plank based on its shape, texture, and color to make sure it fits perfectly in the stop-motion animation. 

Stop-motion animation takes a lot of time and requires a lot of precision and attention to detail, but we’re up for the challenge! Special tools and devices were used to ensure smooth movement of the parquet floor slats during the shoot. We carefully adjusted each frame to preserve the naturalness of movement and create a lively and dynamic effect.

Our preparation and shooting phases allowed us to create unique and attractive visuals, which later served as the basis for the animations. To create a unified visual representation, we designed each element with the project concept in mind.

Compositing footage
in a 3D environment

After completing the animation footage, we moved on to the compositing phase. This stage was crucial in creating the visual content as it involved combining the footage with the 3D graphic environment we created. 

We used special software tools and techniques to integrate stop-motion footage of hardwood flooring installation into the interiors’ 3D space. We combined stop-motion animation footage with 3D interior graphics and carefully adjusted each frame to achieve the optimal effect.

This resulted in a high-quality visual representation that emphasizes the project’s visual integrity. 

Editing and Sound Design

In the final stage, we created a sound design for our montage. We carefully selected music for each video to enhance the viewing experience. This step further intensified the emotional impact of the project.

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