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Henkel Bautechnik manufactures a wide range of products for construction work. In addition to Ceresit products, the company has developed a number of solutions for construction work. Each type of construction work is presented in the form of working drawings, schemes, technical illustrations, and technological charts. Such a presentation of the material is designed for a specialist or a person with experience in the construction sphere.

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    JLLC “Henkel Bautechnik”

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    3D modeling
    3D visualization

Technical illustration, a detailed depiction of an object, is very much in demand today. We create technical illustrations that clearly demonstrate complex processes and objects. There are many of its varieties: graphs, drawings, maps, infographics, diagrams, etc.

Our studio has the knowledge and technical background to create such illustrations. Having thoroughly studied the peculiarities of the forthcoming work, we make sketches. The aim of this stage is to choose the best presentation option for the uninitiated and to convey all the information about the product, object or process.

Task in the creation of a training manual

We used Henkel Bautechnik drawings and detailed information about each construction site to create 3D illustrations of the Ceresit training manual. The aim was not only to adapt the “dry” information, but also to make the material understandable to both professionals and unprepared people. In the training manual such operations as waterproofing, cladding, insulation of the facade and the basement of the house are considered. Each operation demonstrates the sequence of use of Ceresit products. Our job was to create a technical illustration of the tutorial that is detailed, easy to understand, and aesthetically pleasing.


We made the decision to go beyond step-by-step drawings to give our customers several options for the technical illustration of the Ceresit training manual. We chose the variant where technical illustrations are presented by 3D visualization. The advantage of this technology is that we can quickly make changes to the textbook’s scheme, change the perspective of the object, and more clearly and accurately depict the nodes and details of construction objects.

Without much 3D photorealism (there was no such task), we have created a textbook where each operation is displayed in a way that can be understood by anyone.

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