Training video
Ceresit CT36

Training video Ceresit CT36

For Henkel company we made educational films, which show how you can invent and create different textures for finishing walls using plaster Ceresit CT36. Master Alexander Kushinov demonstrated six different techniques step by step to create stunning textures.

The shooting process took several days, during which we filmed in specially prepared conditions. In the training video we emphasized that the creative possibilities of Ceresit CT36 decorative plaster are endless, and the only limiting factor is imagination.

With our training video, everyone can learn how to use this versatile material to achieve the desired decorative effect on walls. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this instructional video will be a valuable tool in your arsenal.

  • Client:

    JLLC “Henkel Bautechnik”

  • Our services:

    color grading
    motion design
    voice over

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