The creation of a new interactive television service required a comprehensive brand development process. The first step was to develop a name reflecting the main features of the service.

At the White Square Advertising Festival 2010, ZALA corporate identity was shortlisted in the Corporate Identity nomination.

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    RUTE Beltelecom

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    brand naming
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    advertising printed materials
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After considering about 150 options and long discussions with the client, the name “ZALA” was chosen. “ZALA” means “hall” in Belarusian, which means the different purposes of the halls, such as entertainment, enjoyment and training. The key positioning of the ZALA brand is interactivity, which allows subscribers to schedule viewing time, postpone viewing, and pause the broadcast.

Creation of a logo

The ZALA logo was designed using understated colors such as black, gray and white, with a branded font that reinforced the brand identity. The goal was to create a logo that was simple yet memorable and effectively communicated the brand’s values and unique benefits.

Brand Book

In addition to the name and logo design, we also developed a brand book that outlined the visual identity of the brand. The brand book provided guidelines for representing the ZALA brand in all channels, including digital, print and promotional materials. This provided consistency and helped build brand reputation in the marketplace.

Creative concepts

A number of print products and POS materials were created to support the launch of the new IPTV service. These included brochures, flyers, posters and other promotional materials that helped raise interest about the service and generate interest from potential customers.

Creation of commercials

To support the launch of the new interactive television service ZALA, our task was to create a series of three commercials demonstrating the main functions of the service. Each video was based on a specific interactive television service – pause, rewind and repeat – and demonstrated how ZALA allows subscribers to customize their viewing experience.

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